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Guidelines/Rules - Tumblr

Now this club is all about Resident Evil and also R.E.S.S. so follow these simple guidelines and have fun exploring the gallery!



-Do not keep submitting photos of places that are not 'Requested' by the club to be added, for this causes too much clutter! Only looking for certain photos that inspire and/or express the feeling one gets from stories or artworks.

-Please enjoy the site and comment.

-There will be MATURE content. Viewer discretion advised.

-Feel free to join!

-Post any and all artworks of Resident Evil, if you can't figure out which folder to put it in place in Featured and if you do please put it in the right folder.

-Any and all Resident Evil art is welcomed. Add away!!

-Fan-art of R.E.S.S. is highly welcomed.

-As you can see Co-Founder is empty, there will come to be a time when Co-Founder will be asked for. So don't go asking to be co-founder.

-Please invite other fans of RE to join.

-If you have a Favorite suggestion, please comment us and we will see it.

-Please feel free to read R.E.S.S. and comment, feedback and comments are welcomed, as long as there is no flames.

-Loyal to the Resident Evil game series.

-R.E.S.S. (story) is rated M for mature readers, it's not a warning but the mature mature rating. Remember, Resident Evil is rated M.

-Do Not Put In Favorites! PUT IN FOLDERS!


- -

Tumblr account of R.E.S.S. has been made for anyone and everyone to ask Shane questions!-


Those that help and support us.


Sherry Birkin animated stance by Riklaionel Sherry Birkin animated stance :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 112 7 Ada Wong by Riklaionel Ada Wong :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 107 7 Leon Scott Kennedy Re4 update by Riklaionel Leon Scott Kennedy Re4 update :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 111 5 Claire Redfield update by Riklaionel Claire Redfield update :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 111 4 S.T.A.R.S. by Riklaionel S.T.A.R.S. :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 181 17 President's daughter by Riklaionel President's daughter :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 124 5 Resident evil 6 by Riklaionel Resident evil 6 :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 63 12 S.T.A.R.S 2 by Riklaionel S.T.A.R.S 2 :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 74 7 Jill Valentine Sf3 by Riklaionel Jill Valentine Sf3 :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 50 2 Claire Redfield Revelations 2 by Riklaionel Claire Redfield Revelations 2 :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 139 13 Biohazard Zodiac by Sobii Biohazard Zodiac :iconsobii:Sobii 37 25 Claire and Moira RER2 by Arwencilla Claire and Moira RER2 :iconarwencilla:Arwencilla 107 52 HCF Wesker by pavel-bulgakov HCF Wesker :iconpavel-bulgakov:pavel-bulgakov 45 5 Trade- Vitaly by WinterSpectrum Trade- Vitaly :iconwinterspectrum:WinterSpectrum 27 6 Bio Hazard Stickers by BirkinsLab Bio Hazard Stickers :iconbirkinslab:BirkinsLab 0 0 Biohazard 2 Leon ID phone Card by BirkinsLab Biohazard 2 Leon ID phone Card :iconbirkinslab:BirkinsLab 0 0
These are the best of the best in R.E.S.S.
For those curious, we have more podcasts for everyone to enjoy. Interviews with voice actors and actresses of iconic Resident Evil characters, as well as producers. We have a lot of plans ahead at, so check out the forums and the podcasts.

Check this video out to see some of our latest treats from Halloween:…
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BRIGAZ Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
Hi everyone!
It is possible to have the Moira urban ninja Xna Lara model?
I would like to use it as a base for a drawning.
BRIGAZ Featured By Owner May 30, 2016
mmh, anyone?
Rejiclad Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey guys Hi! I would like to invite you to my cosplay page Rejiclad - I do mainly Resident Evil, but also other games (Silent Hill, Dead Space etc.) be sure to check it out! Giving llama 4 llama as well Hug Thank you very much for the support Kiss
TheOracleDragon Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Feel free to add them to the group. :)
ShinMMGSGSD Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ummm..hello..I got accident that my pics on the featurea...can you transfer to groupings, pairings?
MemorialComics Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Professional General Artist
where is the folder for josh 
TheOracleDragon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
There should be one now.
MemorialComics Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Professional General Artist
just add my work on the john foder it the one with him and sheava 
Alice-WhiteRabbit Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015

Spared this message.


After hearing the villain is women it is thought that maybe a new villain or an old female villain, but, after hearing all the references and seeing a small glance of the blond hair something clicked. I than checked out the rumors and looking at the all the females with blond hair all or most of which are dead. Then again Capcom is known for to bring characters back life.


The one who's game fit most the references is Alexia Ashford, so, I'm guessing the villain is Alexia herself or someone who is referenced in Code Veronica. The reason I say this is all the references and that most of characters in that picture room in Code Veronica where you I think you get one of the ant keys. Sorry it has been while I played the game, but, I do watch play through and walkthrough.



-Claire quotes Steve in the demo.

-The story takes place on a prison island with a mansion on it.

-If you look at some of the screenshots you can see dragonflies or ants.

-The person on the island likes games and experiments.

-One of the song sounds like Alexia's theme.

-Claire looks shocked to see someone at some point in trailers most likely someone she knows.

-The original name for revelations 2 is Enhanced Veronica.


If Capcom is playing with our heads I am going to be pissed. Look for these references and reply what you think.

TotenPF Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Cannot post photos to Revelations 2 folder
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